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Marketing Assistant and Graphic Designer

Oct 2017 - Aug 2018

Probate Documents


Below is a real estate marketing campaign I developed, specifically to target probate and estate cases. To develop this campaign, I first had to research what probate was. I then took two different courses real estate and its relation to probate. I then became CPRES (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist) certified. I then researched Maryland State probate practices and procedures. 

I also visited the Montgomery County Register of Wills Office and learned how to research the court files to locate the personal representatives names and addresses, the estate's address and its decedent, and determine if there was any real property associated with the estates.  

From there, I was able to develop a logo, a website, and marketing materials to be sent out to personal representatives, attorneys, and heirs of probate cases.  I also was able to find contact information for those parties using an online 3rd party software, and was able to create mail merges to specifically target certain parties. I also developed a custom font to create a more personalized look and feel. Below are some of the documents associated with the Probate campaign.

We contacted the parties involved using email, phone, and letters and were able to assist many individuals with understanding the probate process, whether they chose to sell their property or not. Our goal was to act as a probate resource and assist them though the process. If they required an attorney, landscapers, locksmiths, or contractors, we were able to provide them with recommendations. And if they chose to sell their home, we offered our assistance in that process. In the first 4 months, we had already generated 6 transactions. We had a goal of generating 12 transactions for the year. We contacted about 300 individuals during that time, and had primarily positive experiences.

Available Upon Request

Probate Mailing Instructions

Probate Mailings

Initial Letter to the Personal Representative

Second Letter to the Personal Representative

Probate Drip Letter 2

Probate Drip Letter 3

Letter to the Attorney

Letter to the Heirs

Probate Drip Letter 1

Probate Drip Letter 3

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