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Marketing Assistant and Graphic Designer

Oct 2017 - Aug 2018

As a Real Estate Marketing Assistant, I oversaw all aspects of marketing, branding, and administration. This required me to wear many hats. As such, the roles have been broken up accordingly.


As a Real Estate Photographer, I would photograph all properties, whether they were homes, townhouses, condos, plots of land, etc. Typically, I would use a DSLR camera with an external attachment that would take a sequence of 9 images with varying apertures and then using a program called Darkroom, could overlay the 9 photos to create a high dynamic range image. If a listing was higher end, I would use a Matterport Camera, which could take 360° scans of a room and piece them together to create an interactive 3D virtual Tour. I could then go through, label the rooms to create floor plans, and was able to highlight important features like appliances or high-grade finishes. I would also create a virtual tour and send the client metrics of how many views their property received on a weekly basis.


As A Real Estate Marketer, every week clients in the database (Roughly 1000) would receive either a post card, a letter mailing, or an email blast newsletter. On their birthdays, they would receive a birthday card with a lottery ticket. The real estate agents in the database (Roughly 65,000) would receive a monthly newsletter, invites to events, thank you cards if they attended events, and daily Real Agent Advice videos. Newly licensed agents would be added to an email campaign to encourage them to join the team’s brokerage.


As a Social Media producer, I would upload the listing photos and bio to TAN (Top Agent Network) and Connect. I would also create LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook ads and posts for lisitngs and other events hosted by the real estate group. I would typically use Canva or photoshop to create these posts. I would also upload videos of the properties, edutainment videos, and advice videos to YouTube, Connect, and the company website. I would also track the web analytics and respond to comments and inquiries.


As a Real Estate Videographer, I would video record properties, stock video, event footage, and agent advice footage that the video editor would then use to create video content. I would also occasionally act in the videos on an as needed basis.


As a Real Estate Event Coordinator, if an event was planned, I would coordinate with vendors to find a space and a business or two to sponsor the event. I would also create invitations through Eventbrite and meetup for the events and additionally would research, create, and order a special gift to be given out at the event. I would also create Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts related to the event and create flyers or posters related to the event. I would also work events, either as a greeter, or as a server if food was being provided.


As a Real Estate Administrative Assistant, I would record and type up all the listing information on the MLS as well as a property bio, photos, virtual tours, disclosures, showing instructions, and push the listing out on Zillow, Trulia, and other major real estate websites. I would contact agents about hosting open houses and schedule those. I would place the Real Estate signs on the property, update open house signs, and create marketing materials to appear at open houses. These marketing materials typically included a one-page summary, tax records, disclosures, property photos, lender information, a list of recent improvements and the price of each. I would create a neighborhood report, which includes content like “What’s the nearest airport and how far away is it?”, “What are some of the best restaurants in the area?”, “What are the best features or the home?”, “Where is the closest department store?”, and “How far away is D.C. or Baltimore?”. I would also contact the client if they had failed to fill out certain documents, such as disclosures or if I required more information regarding home improvements made. I would add contacts to the databases or remove them. I would see that packets, booklets, flyers, business cards, and other materials were printed, assembled, and organized. I would keep track of materials and reorder them when they were beginning to get low. I would run errands as needed, meet with clients and/or show properties when agents were unavailable. I would make sure all listings were up to date, that clients were receiving weekly reports,


As a Real Estate Lead Generator, I had to consistently seek out and generate potential leads. One such way to do this was through the probate campaign. Probate is the process through which a family member passes away and depending on the value of the personal property or if they own a home, they would be required to go through a court related process called probate. I had to get my CPRES Certification (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist). This required listening to several audio disks, reading articles, attending webinars, and doing some research. From there, I researched how to publicly find the court records for the individuals involved, look up if any real property is associated with their estate, create a script to call them, and create mailings, infographics, and other documentation to assist them through the probate process to help them if they require any assistance with selling the property associated with the estate. The campaign took several months of research, trial and error. Eventually, it became systematic approach that could then be outsourced to other team members to focus on other counties.


As a Real Estate Website Designer, I would manage and updating the existing webpage as needed. I also created a website for our probate campaign, complete with a logo, mission, branding, and information documents. I also created a website for a real estate and virtual tour business. This required updating an existing logo, creating a website, and creating informational documentation about each of the different services offered.

Real estate photography captured from clients properties

Real Estate Photography

Interactive virtual tours and immersive 3D virtual tours using  Matterport technology

Virtual Tours

Real Estate Marketing for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube

Social Media Marketing

Logos, website, mailings, and marketing from our virtual tour and photography campaign

BakerB Solutions

Logos, website, mailings, and marketing from our probate real estate campaign


Real estate marketing for events hosted by

Saenger Group

Real Estate Events

Digital & Print Marketing, Logos, Graphics, and Misc Design Content

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