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Visual Designer and Web Analyst Contractor

Aug 2018 - Present

I currently work as a Graphic Designer and Web Analyst Contractor at the US Courts. There, I work on a team for Project: OSCAR (the Online System for Clerkship Application and Review). If you are interested in finding out more about what OSCAR is, please watch this short video I created.

OSCAR a web-based system managed by the Administrative Office of the US Courts. It’s similar to or in the sense that applicants use it to find jobs, but different because it caters only to the judiciary and law schools.

My role on the team is managing and developing the brand. This extends to logo redesigning, creating and revising the color palette, managing layouts on all existing documentation and web pages, and creating a design style guide to create consistency between content. I also created and manage our print and web graphics libraries. 

Since starting, we have launched 2 separate bimonthly newsletters, spearheaded by myself and another individual. One of the newsletters is specifically geared towards the judiciary (Judges, Chambers Staff, and Court Unit Administrators, ; and one is geared towards law schools, their students, alumni, and recommenders. These newsletters promote new features to the website, training opportunities, training resources, important information, and more. 


I was in charge of researching the best email marketing platforms, selecting one, and presenting to my supervisor and our government clients why believed it to be the best platform based on our needs. Once selected, I became in charge of creating the layout and any graphics associated with both of the newsletters. I send each newsletters out and record and analyze the monthly metrics to create a monthly report based on my findings. I then present my findings to management and provide ideas and feedback for improvements on future emails.

I also create the layouts, graphics, charts and tables for all our powerpoint presentations to be used during training, working groups, conferences, and management meetings. The text content is typically already written, but I take that content and draft it into a visually interesting design, incorporating graphics as needed. 

I manage all graphic elements contained in our print and web-based materials. All graphic elements for our social media, email marketing, web based content, and print based content are either designed by or must be approved by myself. I am also involved in the process of drafting outlines for all training videos and also create all training videos once the outline has been approved.

Additionally, I act as one of the web testers and routinely run checks on the website to make sure there are no issues with layout, navagation, or functionality. We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new website platform, so I am heavily involved in the design layout, site navigation and look and feel.

Two bi-monthly newsletters sent out to Judiciary and

non-judiciary users 

Monthly Newsletter

Digital & Print Marketing, Logos, Graphics, and Misc Design Content

Infographics and Posters

Still in




Icons, graphics, mock-ups

and more.

Web Icons &

Website Layouts

 UI and UX


Real Estate Photography  from Past Real Estate Listings

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