In 2010, I graduated High School and was ready to begin my college Experience. I had chosen to attend Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and enroll in their Art program and concentrating in Graphic Design.

Because I had grown up in rural Upstate New York, and thus did not have any graphic design courses growing up, I was told by my professors that I'd need to work at least twice as hard to keep up since most individuals in the major had taken design courses and that the program was designed for individuals whom already had some design experience. Some people might be discouraged by the experience, but I saw it as a challenge and rose to the occasion.

 I learned within the first semester that most people in the major pick up a minor and I was encouraged to do the same.  

I'm Derek Rebuck. I'm both a graphic designer and a political activist. Unlike most professionals in my field, I can analyze and research to develop campaigns while also having the knowledge and skill to successfully design and implement them. I currently work in the Rockville area but desire to work in the DC Metro for an organization specializing in politics and pushing for political change.


When I'm not working, I strive to increase my knowledge and abilities by taking online courses in design and other subjects of interest. I also enjoy hiking, reading the news, researching, blogging, exploring real estate, and playing board games.


I have my BA in Art/Graphic Design and also in Political Science. While in college, I worked with clients including Shippensburg University clubs and organizations, Colgate University administrators, mayoral campaigns, church organizations, fraternities, campus groups, and local businesses.


I have expertise in layout, typography, web design, illustration, ICC profiling, print production color theory, digital photography, color management, photo manipulation, and designing for a corporate environment.


My career goals are to continue to develop and grow as a designer, build friendships and business relationships through networking, and to find a way to blend my love for design with my love of research and politics in order to make a difference.


Thank you for checking out my website and my work. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me at