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Graphic Design and Social Media Intern

Oct 2015 - Dec 2015

Website Mockup, Chat box

Working at Volute, though I was an intern, I was not treated as one. Since Volute was a small learning education software startup, they did not have the luxury of time to train an intern, and thus expected an incoming  graphic design intern to already have a thorough background and be self sufficient. Because of their size, they also did not have a dedicated graphic designer for me to intern under. Essentially, I was their graphic designer. 

My day to day involved working alongside their videographer, HR Manager and Web Developers. My role was to design the layout of their website. I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create web mock-ups that the web developers would then build out. I had to create both for desktop and mobile. The concept of the software was to create a sequence of apps within an application that could all function together seamlessly to perform different tasks. This required me to quickly immerse myself in the platform so as to develop a site navigation that allowed a logical user-flow between pages. 

I collaborated with the videographer on layout design and colors, but otherwise I was on my own. Every two weeks, I would present my progress to the CEO, CMO, and the rest of the marketing team. 

I was later tasked to additionally act as the social media specialist in addition to the web design content. I researched social media brand strategy, which platforms worked best for their industry, and drafted a proposal of my recommendations. I determined what to post, how often, and what hashtags and keywords to use. At the completion of my internship, I had created a social media marketing strategy along with a month's worth of sample mock-up posts. Additionally, I had designed layouts mock-ups for much of their website.

website mockup, apps
website mockup, profile
website mockup, progression bar
website mockup, profile
website mockup, calendar
website mockup, chat bar
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