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Marketing Graphic Designer

Apr 2016 - Oct 2017

As a Marketing Graphic Designer, I worked on a marketing team alongside two other designers. Though we would occasionally work in collaboration, each designer had their own separate assignments and their own specific niche. That being said, each of us was cross-trained in some of each others duties and responsibilities so that we could fill in as needed.

I was initially charge of updating graphics for our retail website, creating email campaigns promoting products on the retail website, creating and updating technical documents, designing product environments, and occasionally designing customer mock-ups and customer logos when our pre-press designers needed additional help.

After about 6 months, my role altered slightly. This was partly due to increasing the number of products we were launching and partly due to having a designer quit and their replacement doing the same. This forced me and the other designer to take on more responsibilities, and we ended up outsourcing some of our more tedious and mindless tasks, like clipping and editing images. 

I became in charge of overseeing and reviewing all our outsourced design work. I would photograph all our products but would send the photos to the service to be edited. I would check the clipping job or color alternation of the outsourced design work and verify that there were no issues. I still remained the primary designer for managing the retail website and creating email campaigns for that website.


Additionally, I became in charge designing separate landing pages to be featured on that website, catered to specific communities. These included fraternities, churches, sports teams, breweries, healthcare and more. Additionally, we started advertising on Amazon, which required a different logo design and image layout. I became in charge of creating all the product images for Amazon, as the other designer was given the task of creating a product booklet for the wholesale website.

A new designer was hired to create assembly videos, create technical documents and occasionally help me with photographing products. I would occasionally assist with videos or technical materials, but with my responsibilities shifting, those jobs were performed less frequently from my end.


I still designed customer-mockups and created custom logos and templates. I actually became the primary marketing designer for that task because management and pre-press felt I was best at addressing the customers needs and delivering a quick turn around time.

E-Newsletters sent to the client database.

Email Blasts

Landing Pages and Call-to-Action pages, featured on the website.

Landing Pages

Clipped Photos and theming of products featured on the website and Amazon.

Product Photography

Mock-ups of former customer work, or fake companies to demonstrate what a company design looks like on a product.

Customer Mock-ups
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